Why Boxers Wear Sauna Suits

Fighters push themselves to the limit every day. Drenched in sweat, they give their all in the gym and on the roads.

From upcoming amateur talents to established world champions, many boxers regularly prepare for fights in Sauna Suits as a means of augmenting their training.

But why do boxers wear Sauna Suits? BOXRAW outline the key reasons for fighters to do so while training for bouts and the overall benefits.

Weight Management

One of the most important aspects of a fighter’s career is regulating their weight, as they must make a certain division limit on the scales before every match-up.

While many boxers will use Sauna Suits as a means of cutting weight throughout fight week, long-term use throughout training has its benefits and will make the eventual step onto the scales less strenuous.

The Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0 traps body heat, subsequently increasing perspiration and therefore less water retention.

Training use also revs up metabolism, with short-term exertion in training honing in on the fat-burning zone to accelerate the process of shifting weight.

Enhanced Training Performance

Enhancing training performance is one the reasons why boxers wear Sauna Suits.

All fighters need to maximise their training performance and get the best out of every single session.

Through heat therapy and rigorous routine, training in a Sauna Suit helps enhance performance in the gym.

Doing so boosts cardiovascular health benefits, by triggering maximal oxygen uptake. All of which benefit a boxer for when it’s time to climb through the ring ropes and under the bright lights.

Maximised Comfort 

It’s important for a fighter to be comfortable while pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone in training camp.

The Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0 is designed to accommodate all the typical movements of a boxer, with unique specifications maintaining comfort during the toughest sessions but providing a lightweight, durable fit at all times.

Extra space around pivotal areas reduces the risk of tearing in any position, meaning a Sauna Suit gives an optimal range of motion as well as adjustable support.

Muscle Recovery

Muscle recovery is key for why boxers wear Sauna Suits.

An integral aspect of a fighter’s training is recovery. This can often be overlooked, as boxers push their body to the limit daily.

Wearing a Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0 for training, particularly on those days when stiffness or fatigue has set in, can enhance muscle recovery.

When exposed to intense heat, the body will release heat-shock proteins to help heal, grow and repair muscle cells. This is known as muscular hypertrophy, showcasing a Sauna Suit’s importance for fighters in order to maintain their body’s level of intensity for training.

Prevents Injuries

On top of aiding with recovery and maintaining exercise at a high level, Sauna Suits are a great tool for helping prevent injuries.

Boxers are regularly picking up knocks throughout training camp, as it comes with the territory. But the use of a Sauna Suit combats against muscle pains and tightness by reducing lactic acid.

When the body is warm, it’s more relaxed, more flexible and less likely to succumb to injury.

Heat Retention In Cold Climate

High-profile boxers wear Sauna Suits for training regularly.

As well as helping with weight cuts, bolstering training sessions and increasing oxygen uptake, Sauna Suits can simply keep a fighter warm in training.

Whether a boxer is living and training in a cold climate or starts their roadwork in the cooler hours of the morning, a Sauna Suit will keep them warm and limber at all times.

Being an extra layer of protection against cold conditions, regular use of a Sauna Suit will also elevate pulse rate, make blood vessels more flexible and improve overall circulation.

When utilised with the correct hydration before, during and after training, The Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0 is a huge advantage for boxers to maximise health benefits and protect themselves from injury.