BOXRAW 36" Competition Boxing Ring

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$8,450.00 USD

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$2,535.00 USD

Our cutting-edge Competition Ring has been engineered for durability, precision and performance. Easy-to-assemble and supplied with full build instructions, the ring frame is made from laser-cut steel to guarantee accuracy and ease of assembly. The ring frame utilises a 4-point board support system for ultimate strength and longevity, while the epoxy coating and final oven-baked stage ensure durability to the finishing. Ring frame parts are colour coded and lettered making our build plan easy to follow. 22mm building construction boards form the ring deck and are covered with 20mm cross linked foam underlays which sit under our non-rot heavy duty canvas. Ropes are secured using M16 turnbuckles and are finished with easy-to-sanitise thickened padded rope covers. Matching turnbuckles and easy-to-attach velcro ring skirts are complemented with matching ring steps and stools.

  • 36" platform height
  • Laser cut steel ring foundations
  • 4-point board floor support system
  • Epoxy coated and over baked metal work
  • 22mm building construction boards
  • 18mm cross linked foam underlay
  • Anti-rot heavy duty canvas
  • M16 turnbuckles
  • Padded rope covers and corner posts
  • Velcro ring skirts
  • Ring steps & stools
  • All sizes are customisable
  • Up to 10 year warranty
Cleaning or disinfectant/sanitising spray should not be sprayed directly onto the frame, it can remove the paint and cause rust. Any damage to products from chemical cleaning products voids the product warranty.

Main Frame
10 Years

1 Year

1 Year

Corner Pads
1 Year

1 Year

Ring Boards
180 Days

180 Days

90 Days


Boxing Ring - 36"
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Pro Training
Boxing Ring - 36"
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Pro Training
Boxing Ring - 12"
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Platform Height 36" / 3ft 36" / 3ft 12" / 1ft
Ring Sizes 16ft - 24ft 16ft - 24ft 12ft - 22ft
Rope & Turnbuckle Covers Extra Padding Standard Padding Standard Padding
Construction Boards 22mm 18mm 18mm
Underlay 18mm 15mm 15mm
Canvas Yes Yes Yes
Corner Pads x4 x4 x4
Rope Seperators Double Sided x8 Double Sided x8 Double Sided x8
Turnbuckle Covers M16 x16 M16 x16 M16 x16
Ring Skirts 36" x4 36" x4 12" x4
Stools & Steps Yes Yes -
Warranty Up to 10 years Up to 10 years Up to 10 years
Customisation Fully customizable Fully customizable Fully customizable
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Yes, you can customise your BOXRAW rings.

If you'd like customisations different to those listed, please contact with your requirements.
BOXRAW rings have an up to 10 year warranty.

The main ring frame has a 10 year warranty. Canvas, skirts, corner pads and ropes have a 1 year warranty. Ring boards and tensioners have a 180 day warranty. Canvas underlays have a 90 day warranty.
BOXRAW rings include all fixtures & fittings required to complete the build. Pro Training 36" and Competition 36" rings come complete with matching ring steps and stools.
When your ring ready for dispatch, a member of the BOXRAW team will contact you to collect the final balance. This will be payable via our online checkout.

BOXRAW accepts all major credit & debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.
Once you have confirmed your order with a member of the BOXRAW team, we cannot accept refunds as rings are made to order.
Please contact with your query.