Boxing Is Love – BOXRAW


The purpose of Boxing Is Love, quite simply, is to use the sport of boxing as a mechanism to help young people overcome the various social epidemics that plague their community. Over the past two weeks, we took our first step forward by deploying a team of talented trainers to reach the children of Liberia, West Africa.


Liberia is a nation only 15 years removed from a two decade Civil War where thousands of children were turned into soldiers and commanded to kill their own people. The fighting caused the deaths of almost a million Liberians, and displaced roughly 700k as refugees. As a direct result of the war, the nation of Liberia now has a population where 70% of the people are under the age of 25, with limited opportunities to help positively shape the minds of these children.


With the partnership of Save More Kids, Boxing Is Love was able to reach over 1000 young people, and introduce boxing to them for the first time. The impact this had on the children was nothing short of remarkable, and served to validate the mission of Boxing Is Love. The team traveled all over the country and was met with an incredible response from everyone who participated.


As a result of this overwhelming response, Boxing Is Love intends to open a fully-functioning boxing gym in Gbarnga City, Liberia by the end of 2018, with the hope of expanding to multiple sites as interest continues to grow.


BOXRAW has always believed that the sport of boxing has the power to create positive change, and the past two weeks served to prove that belief. Over the course of the next few months, Boxing Is Love will formalize a plan to continue the impact throughout Liberia by organizing quarterly mission trips for those interested.


Together we can change the World


With special thanks to our partners, Save More Kids. For without their help, none of this would be possible. Teamwork makes the dream work.