5 Benefits of a Sauna Suit

From raw, in-the-moment instincts of a good spar to a solid workout that pushes your limits, drenched in sweat means you’re giving it your all— at the gym, around the track, or in the ring.

Like all BOXRAW products, our Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0 is designed with purpose. Multiple world champions use it to augment their training: increased resistance during conditioning makes real-time combat that much more effective. Built to accommodate both big movements and changes in strategy, our unique specifications feature rubberised inside lining and anti-rip fabric for a lightweight, yet durable fit.
5 benefits of a Sauna Suit include helping to avoid injury.
From left hook to overhand right, a round of jump rope to a vigorous run—sudden bursts of energy need room to grow. With extra space around pivotal areas, we’ve reduced the risk of the seams tearing or straining. No need to buy three sizes too big! The Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0 moves when you move, where you need it most.

Adjustable rubber injection wrist straps and elasticated neck, ankle cuffs, and waist rib keep your efforts airtight, so you retain the heat you generate, while our zipped Kangaroo pockets with headphone opening keeps your rhythm(s) going.

Why to work a sauna suit into your workout:

1. Accelerated Weight Loss

A sauna suit traps body heat, thereby increasing perspiration. The more perspiration? The less water retention. And by revving up the metabolism, short-term exertion in a sauna suit hones in on that fat-burning zone. Whether you’re trying to make weight for the next fight or just shifting a few pounds, exercising in a sauna suit accelerates the process.

2. Enhanced Cardio And Oxygen Uptake

The International Journal of Research in Sports Physiology demonstrates heat therapy plus exercise enhances cardiovascular health benefits by triggering maximal oxygen uptake, or VO2—how well your body processes oxygen during exercise. If arm workouts generate up to 70% higher VO2, try shadowboxing in a sauna suit.

3. Heat Retention In Cold Weather

Lose weight, maximize oxygen, get loose and limber…and keep warm! With its heat-retaining qualities and airtight design, The Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0 provides an effective layer of protection against cold winter elements. Relatedly, wearing a sauna suit during exercise elevates pulse rate and makes blood vessels more flexible, thereby ramping up all-around circulation and the flow of nutrients to growing muscles.

Limbs, joints, fingers, and toes—extremities really benefit from this type of layering.

4. Protects And Grows Muscle Cells

When exposed to intense heat, our bodies body releases heat shock proteins, which heal, protect and grow muscle cells. Known as muscular hypertrophy, this increase in muscle cells constitutes another reason for sauna suit conditioning: heat + exercise sets the process in motion.

5. Prevents Injuries

Training in a sauna suit combats muscle tightness and rigidity by reducing lactic acid and muscle soreness. Because building heat builds flexibility; when your body’s warm, your muscles grow more relaxed.  A pliable, sauna suit-enhanced state of being helps you stretch, strengthen, and protect your efforts.

Like all great things, The Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0 should be used in moderation. Length of exercise not to exceed two hours, while sufficient hydration both before and after workout will maximize health benefits and safeguard your hard work.