International Women's Month: Unapologetically Living In Power

Women who box are often seen as an anomaly in the industry, those are the women who help to break down the barriers of traditional gender roles and stereotypes. 

Regardless of what society dictates, a woman can do anything she sets her mind to and won’t be defined by the barriers put in place. 

Each woman holds power within herself, channelling energy and focusing on goals through guidance and self-belief. 

This International Women’s Month, we’re celebrating women unapologetically living in their power, as we outline three unique stories of the journey to success through boxing. 

Mitt Queen

Mitt Queen has become a well known trainer within the boxing industry.

Within the wider boxing community, Mitt Queen has been raising the bar and changing the game for women at the top of the sport through her trademark mitt-work with the most decorated fighters in the world. 

A Middle Eastern woman in a male-dominated sport, she has worked relentlessly to reach the top of her game and has been inspiringly showing that women can achieve anything regardless of the obstacles ahead. 

Staying focused through self-belief, dedicating herself day in and day out to her craft, Mitt Queen has showcased that approval is not needed to live your purpose. 

Her iconic pad work with the most prestigious names in boxing has also saw her become the first female to feature as a professional trainer for Adonis Creed in the hit movie franchise, having starred alongside Michael B. Jordan in Creed 3. 

Mitt Queen is one of the key examples of women fighting for change in boxing and achieving historic success, while challenging stereotypes and inspiring the next generation of females to pursue their own passions in life. 

Amy Timlin

Amy Timlin has turned negativity towards her into motivation for her career.

A hugely talented professional boxer based in the UK, Amy Timlin has had to overcome regular disrespect as a woman in such a tough and demanding sport. 

Facing the negativity head on, she turns hateful comments meant to demean her into fuel to drive her forward in her own ring journey. 

A woman’s place is where she decides and Amy only has eyes for her own future success, regardless of those trying to hold her back. 

Online messages from grown men attempting to derail her ambitions are nothing more than added motivation to prove doubters wrong; which she continues to do each day through hard work and dedication to her craft. 

Ruth London

Ruth Raper has proved boxing has a space for everyone.

Ruth Raper has become another one of the women in boxing who are continuously shattering stereotypes and breaking down barriers. 

Fighting for respect and recognition in a male-dominated sport, boxing has a space for everyone, as Ruth has proved. 

When she first began her journey in the sport, many gyms frustratingly wouldn’t allow women to even enter the premises to train. 

But, over the years, women’s boxing has gained momentum and more female boxers have stepped into the ring as it becomes a more inclusive sport for people of all genders. 

This includes Ruth herself, a former Team GB fighter, who now focuses on her career as a dedicated senior coach at Jab Boxing Club in the UK.