Death Before Dishonor: Meet Brandun Lee

“Not once did I ever fold, not once did I ever attempt to quit,” declared Brandun Lee after overcoming adversity to continue his unbeaten career record last year. 

“I'm a fighter, so I'm going to fight to the death. Like I said before, I'll say it again, Death Before Dishonor.” 

Lee, now 27-0 and one of boxing’s most exciting young prospects, had to climb off the canvas for the first time in his career before rallying back to earn a unanimous decision victory over Will Madera.

Brandun Lee has been trained by his dad, Bobby Lee, his whole career.

Since that hard-fought success, he secured another impressive knockout triumph over Diego Gonzalo Luque to begin his 2023 campaign. 

Lee now prepares for his latest fight this weekend against another testing challenger Pedro Campa. 

Ahead of fight night and, following the release of his limited-edition Death Before Dishonor collection, here’s everything you need to get to know the rising undefeated star. 

Meet Rising Star Brandun Lee

Born in North California to a North Korean-born father and Mexican mother, Lee grew up instilled with Asian values early in life. 

Proudly representing his multicultural heritage, Lee has nevertheless faced racial prejudice throughout that time. 

But, trained and managed by his dad, Bobby Lee, he’s channelled the discrimination he’s regularly faced into a driving force for his boxing career, to become one of the sport's most promising fighters and a vocal advocate for anti-Asian hate. 

From an early age it was clear that Lee had a bright future, winning his first amateur fight at eight years old after taking up the sport just two years prior.

Brandun Lee fights by the samurai mantra of 'Death Before Dishonor'.

Many amateur honours followed in over 200 total bouts, including four Junior Golden Gloves Championships and three Junior Silver Gloves. 

In 2017, at just 17 years old, Lee made his professional debut while still at High School and has since amassed an impressive 27-0 career record so far, while picking up the IBO Intercontinental light-welterweight title along the way. 

Named after the iconic Bruce Lee by his dad, a massive martial arts fan, Lee has his sights now set on achieving his lifetime dream of winning a world title in the coming months. 

Death Before Dishonor Collection

After getting dropped for the first time in his career last year, Lee climbed off the canvas and carried on battling to ultimately earn a decision success. 

That adversity forced him to bite down on his gumshield and remember exactly what he was fighting for.

In the ring, as in life, dealing with being knocked down is what comes to define you. Being willing to suffer and fight to the end, Lee pushed himself to physical and mental limits, battling the lingering temptation to stop.

Brandun Lee returns to the ring this weekend aiming to extend his 27-0 record.

The struggle felt in those moments was temporary, but quitting would’ve haunted Lee forever. So he found a way to fight on, no matter the cost. 

It was Death Before Dishonor, the warrior's code which Samurai lived and died by, believing that death in battle was superior to living a life of dishonor.

That mantra from Brandun’s new limited-edition collection serves to remind the world of the limits a fighter is willing to go to before ever surrendering what holds value in their life. There's no giving in.