Home Boxing Workout For Christmas Holidays

It’s normal to lose some motivation throughout the festive season, when training can sometimes take a backseat during the Christmas holidays.

But being able to stick to a disciplined routine along with your downtime will have a hugely positive impact once the New Year arrives and normality resumes.

Instead of playing catch-up with fitness after the festive period, it’s easy to keep active and maintain focus from the comfort of home through boxing.

BOXRAW outline a home boxing workout to help keep you ticking over during the Christmas holidays.

Based on fitness levels and time available, this 20-minute workout can be repeated with a short rest in between each set.

Exercise: Knees to Elbow

Time: 1 minute

Beginning with an important warm-up and working on some hands-to-feet coordination for boxing. Bouncing on your toes, bring your right elbow down while lifting your left knee up in motion then vice versa.

Exercise: Star Jumps

Time: 1 minute

Continuing to warm-up your muscles and raising your heart rate, lift your arms wide above your head while flicking out your legs to the side in sync.

Exercise: Jumping Lunges

Time: 1 minute

Finish off your warm-up by engaging your legs and core next. Begin in a lunge position with your right leg forwards then jump and switch your left leg to the front while in the air. Concentrate on proper technique rather than rushing through as many as you can and use your arms for leverage and help with balance if needed.

Exercise: Shadowboxing

Time: 5 minutes

Now that you're warm, it’s time to start punching. Get into your boxing stance and begin by throwing basic punches such as the jab, one-two and one-two-hook. Based on the space you have available, make sure to move around and work on footwork as well, as if you were in the ring. Up the intensity with short bursts of combinations throughout the round and remember to mix in head movement and feints as if an opponent was in front of you.

Exercise: Punch-Outs

Time: 1 minute

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and start throwing straight punches with both hands while raising your knees as high as possible. Try to stay in sync with your arms and legs; lifting your right knee while punching with your right hand and vice versa.

Exercise: Clap Press-Ups

Time: 1 minute

Adding in some strength work to condition your arms, get into a press-up position. Drop down to complete a press-up then push yourself into the air to give yourself enough time to clap your hands while off the ground. If you’re not able to add in a clap then simply do normal press-ups for this exercise instead.

Exercise: Squat Jumps

Time: 1 minute

Get yourself into a normal squat position with your legs at least shoulder width apart. Squat down fully then, as you rise back up, jump into the air as high as possible. Land with bended knees to avoid injury and use the momentum to go directly down into the next squat motion.

Exercise: Hand Runs

Time: 1 minute

Get into a press-up position with your arms shoulder width apart. Start by bringing your right knee up to your chest while tensing your core to maintain a strong base, then do the same with your left knee.

Exercise: Burpees

Time: 1 minute

Perhaps the most dreaded exercise in any gym but one of the most beneficial for boosting fitness levels and overall impacts on the body. Begin your set of burpees in a press-up position then flick both of your legs behind you and back in to your chest before jumping as high as possible.

Exercise: Ab Work

Time: 5 minutes

No boxing workout is complete without ab work. Strengthen your core by mixing in several different exercises including normal sit-ups, bicycle sit-ups, crunches, toe touches, ankle touches and leg raises.

Exercise: Low to High Plank

Time: 1 minute

Finishing off your workout with a physically and mentally tough exercise; the plank. Begin in the high plank position then drop down on to your forearms into the normal plank before returning to your previous position. Keep your core tightened and back straightened throughout the exercise.

Exercise: Stretch

Time: 1 minute

Always remember to stretch after each and every workout you do to avoid injuries. Stretch out your whole body, as boxing workouts put strain on muscles all over. Shake your arms out, swing them forwards and backwards over your shoulders, bend down to touch your toes then reach upwards and hold your legs up behind you while keeping balance.

Repeat the entire workout again or as many times as desired based on fitness levels.

As well as completing our 20-minute boxing workout from home, getting out for some roadwork and running miles is another great way of maintaining fitness levels during the Christmas holidays. Keep up that motivation and reap the rewards once the festive season finishes and the New Year arrives.


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