Find A Way: The Missions

Find A Way

Don’t let last year beat you this year. You have to find what’s yours in life and you have to take it. Success is no accident. Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.

Create a plan that works for you and not against you. No matter where you are or what lies ahead, find a way to keep moving forward. Take every step with intention, directed toward the goal.

You have to be defeated sometimes. You have to be knocked down, rejected. No matter what life throws at you. No matter what happened to you last year. When you get knocked down and everything feels out of your control, find a way to win the fight.

If you don’t fight for what you love, don’t cry for what you lost. Quit the excuses. No one cares. Run the day, don’t let the day run you. Find A Way.

Everyone has their own fight. Discover unique stories of those pursuing their own personal missions through boxing and finding a way in life.

Stephen Fulton Jr.

One of the latest talents from Philadelphia’s legendary production line of champions. Stephen Fulton Jr. has swiftly worked his way through the ranks to reach the pinnacle of the sport, becoming world champion in 2021.

A stand-out year for Steph saw him overcome Angelo Leo to be crowned WBO super-bantamweight champion, achieving a dream he worked his entire life for. He followed that up with a unification victory over Brandon Figueroa just months later, in one of the best fights of the year.

Balancing his career with everyday family life, Steph fights for what he loves. After unifying his division, claiming the undisputed crown is his mission in 2022, while investing in further property on the side and continuing to take care of his family.

River Wilson-Bent

The life of a boxer isn’t as glamorous as widely portrayed across social media or TV. Sacrifices are made each and every day. River Wilson-Bent is one of those fighters who is in constant pursuit of greatness, pushing himself through the early mornings to late nights.

Every day begins with 4:30am road work for River, before heading off to work a full-time job as a roofer. Once his working day of preparing and installing timber beams comes to an end, training starts again in the evening.

It’s through this relentless work ethic that River aims to achieve greatness and help continue providing for his family; finding a way to successfully complete his mission.

Kurt Scoby

Fighting out of Brooklyn, New York, Kurt Scoby is using the power of prayer and hard work to carve a better future for himself and others.

Having had to overcome personal setbacks of his own early on in life, ‘Scooby’ is driven to show the youth of today and people who don’t believe in themselves that there’s a way out of the struggle.

Waking up determined to become the best fighter possible every day, Kurt balances his strict training routine alongside regular prayer; passionately devoting himself to his professional boxing career and religious beliefs.

Chaz Nguyen

Providing protection and security is all Chaz Nguyen knows, balancing his family life and boxing with a full-time job as a police officer in New Jersey.

Assuring the safety of those closest to him comes first, as he pursues a professional career in the ring to help provide for them further.

Unconventional working hours don’t hinder Chaz’s goals, training throughout the afternoons and preparing for work across the late nights before returning home to rest early morning.

Ceci Perez

Helping others reach their potential is as important as achieving personal goals for Ceci Perez.

Working every day to be stable and successful within the fitness and boxing industry to provide for her family, PT and coach Ceci aims to be someone who creates positive changes for others in their own lives.

Early morning personal affirmations get her ready to attack each day and provide clients with the same level of motivation in every session she instructs in New York.

Laura David

Empowering young females to achieve greatness is the outlined goal of Laura David, as she also aims to become the best version of herself.

She is striving to achieve this through her role as a boxing coach and trainer in the heart of New York City, helping coach clients and maintaining her own training regime throughout long days.

Enjoyment from the daily process provides increased motivation towards Laura reaching her overall targets in life.