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With all the latest advertisements of #MayMac you really can see how much of a money grab this event is. They’re not hiding it of course, the latest advertisement actually featured the two walking through piles of money.

Mayweather Money

It’s good news for U.K fans that the fight can be bought at a standard £19.95 on Sky Sports Box Office. The rumours went round that the fight would be priced near the 100 mark which left a lot of the U.K public in dismay.

Mayweather and McGregor are not just stopping there though; just last week we heard that the fight could be viewed in selected cinemas. It would make the experience most likely as good as it can get unless you’re willing to pay the extortionate failing prices of tickets to see it in Vegas. It also works out cheaper (per person) and that’s exactly why they’re doing it.

They’re not calling it the money fight for no reason.

Unfortunately for Mayweather and McGregor the ticket prices to see the fight live in Las Vegas are apparently not doing so well. They were priced so ridiculously because its such a high profile fight, that’s just business but it might be backfiring.

It’s not much of a surprise to see a boxing match featured in a cinema - it’s nothing new. Chris Eubank Jr recently with his last two fights being shown on ITV Box Office, also chose the cinema route with Vue Cinemas. So the pair were not the first to do it and probably not the last, you’ll most likely see more future fights available in cinemas.

Chris Eubank Title fight

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The reason behind it? Accurate PPV buys and obviously - money. It’s become simple knowledge to reduce the payment of the PPV system all you need to do is invite a few friends round and split the price. The pay-per-many-views idea stops people from earning potential income and its that which promoters and distributors are desperate to get around. The easiest way to solve that: is a solution which still involves the people you would watch it with; but in the atmosphere and on a massive bloody screen.

Essentially this is just giving us more options, which is good. It’s a win-win situation for both the promoter and us. Whilst they’ll be bringing in more money essentially meeting more realistic PPV numbers, we get a cheaper (per person) more sociable way of watching fight nights.

As I said, its nothing new but they’re solely doing it for the money.


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