Escaping violence through violence may seem like a contradiction to most. It’s long been a theme that boxing has existed as an escape from the harsh realities of the streets. The sport offers an outlet for young men and women to release their anger through total self-mastery all the while offering success and a better life for the upper echelon of fighters. Tyson, Bernard Hopkins, and countless others escaped poverty and gang violence through the sweet science.

However, all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes as hard as you try and leave your past behind you, it has a funny way of showing up at the most inopportune of times.

Tevin Farmer is a rising fighter, currently operating at super featherweight and making himself known in the community. His technique and remarkable winning streak as of late (17 in a row putting his record at 25-4-1) have pushed his name into the conversation of dominators in the 130 pound range. It all stems from an uncanny confidence Tevin brings to the fight game.

That confidence was put on full display two weeks back when he was shot…

…in the hand.

Although it sounds like something straight out of a movie, life has a funny way of creating cliches and movie scripts out of our lives. While this is nothing to laugh about, the heroic nature of Tevin was shown. In an interview, the fighter briefly explained the situation and his thoughts on the matter:

Details of the incident are sparse and misleading photos disparage the facts at hand. But this article isn’t about that. Let the courts and those involved deal with it. We’re here to talk about what matters.

Common adjectives for fighters include (but are not limited to) courage, tough, and persevering.

But what about selfless?

When faced with an uncomfortable situation, the human brain reacts with a fight or flight process. This physiological reaction occurs in response to a perceived harmful attack or event and is the basis for many of our day-to-day decisions and actions. I don’t want to begin to pretend like I can relate to what it’s like being shot. I didn’t grow up in that environment. To those who have dealt with gun violence, it’s a scary thing.

Tevin proved that his persona in the ring carries alongside him throughout his daily life. He doesn’t back down from any challenge, competitive or life-threatening. Putting the lives of others in front of his own is far from the body-guard, safely set persona that most would believe boxers to have. He didn’t form Voltron or run from the danger, he acted on instinct and necessity and saved lives because of it. It’s this kind of example that showcases how boxers stand out amongst the pool of other athletes. That determination and literal “to-the-death” attitude pushes them to compete and cement themselves in the history books as incredible athletes and honorable, courageous people.

We wish Tevin Farmer a speedy recovery and best wishes. Looking forward to seeing you back in the ring, champ.

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