Introducing BOXRAW’s Boxing Glove-Sweats

Boxers know the scenario. You’re training with gloves on, dripping in sweat and desperately trying to wipe your face dry. 

Your shirt’s soaking. Your gloves are wet. You can’t grab a towel. Time’s up. It’s too late, the bell sounds for the next round. 

It’s a frustrating situation for fighters, having to push yourself without being able to simply wipe the sweat from your eyes.

BOXRAW's new Boxing Glove-Sweats are available online now.

But it’s a common issue that’s been easily fixed with BOXRAW’s latest training innovation; the Boxing Glove-Sweats.  

Bringing a new level of efficiency, comfort and support to gloved workouts, our Boxing Glove Sweats are an effective tool this problem every day in the gym. 

Made from a soft elasticated terry cotton, simply cover your laces, wipe your sweat away and compress your wrists.

Cover your laces, wipe your sweat and compress your wrists.

Let nothing hold you back. Wipe your face, head, sweat and blood, and keep on getting to work.  

The subtle level of compression helps guide punches, while the convenience of being able to cover laces or loose Velcro makes for the ultimate companion when you're in the trenches grinding.

Stay focused without any training distractions.

Then machine wash whenever you're ready to give them a clean. 

It’s a small, annoying issue that only boxers will understand but our Glove-Sweats are now available to help you stay focused without any of the little daily distractions. LFG!

How To Use BOXRAW Glove-Sweats

Step 1: Slide the Glove-Sweats up and over your forearm

Step 2: Put on your gloves with help from a coach or teammate

Step 3: Have them slide the Glove-Sweats back down from your forearm and over the Velcro or laces on your gloves

Step 4: Get to work!

Boxing Glove-Sweats Available Now

Avoid the daily training distractions and stay focused, with the our Boxing Glove-Sweats.