Benefits of Heat Training For Boxing

It can become easy to use the heat as an excuse to stay indoors and shy away from training. But working out in the warmer temperatures can reap many health and fitness rewards for boxers.

So, rather than shying away from the sun, fighters can gain a physical and mental advantage over future opponents by embracing the heat.

Three-division world champion Gervonta 'Tank' Davis is one fighter who reaps the boxing benefits of heat training.

With several studies concluding that doing so can improve overall fitness levels and enhance performance among athletes, here are the key boxing benefits of heat training.

Improves Body Conditioning 

A boxer can help prepare for the intensity of a fight by putting their body through extreme heat conditions and boost their ability to perform under similar situations when the bell rings.

Simply put, the body will have to work even harder when exposed to intense heat because the conditions are tougher than usual and, therefore, over time, fighters will adapt to the hostile environment.

Heat training can improve overall fitness for stepping into the ring.

This can be done in hot locations at peak sun times throughout the day or training in a Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0 (or even both). Of course, fighters must maintain proper hydration during workouts in the heat to avoid any dehydration issues.

Decades of research has proved the positive effects of heat on athletic performance, showing that working out in extreme heat can increase a fighter’s blood plasma volume - leading to better cardiovascular fitness.

Heat And Intensity Acclimation

Iconic trainer Emanuel Steward was a big believer in always having his historic Kronk Gym roasting hot, so that his fighters (including Thomas Hearns) were prepared for when it came to fighting on a humid main event night in America.

His whole idea was that this made his fighters work even harder in training, as they had to deal with the intense conditions, so that their actual fights seemed a lot easier under the bright lights.

Running or gym work in intense heat can have physical and mental benefits.

Many other gym owners and coaches follow this same belief, with boxers having to dig deep in the rough and brutal heat, especially in sparring, to get in the best condition for stepping in the ring.

This is also why many fighters will move their training camps to foreign locations with extreme heat to prepare, so upon returning to their regular conditions for fight night, it will seem far less hostile.

Builds Mental Strength

As well as dealing with the extreme heat in training to gain physical benefits, there is a great mental advantage too.

Overcoming tough and uncomfortable situations in a fight is a guaranteed scenario at any level and heat training can help a boxer get into the right mindset to be equipped for dealing with this.

Sparring in extreme heat can build a fighter's mental strength.

If a fighter has been able to dig deep during rounds in an extremely hot environment in the gym, then they will be more likely to successfully come through it on fight night.

If a fighter hasn’t been fazed by the heat and, instead, got used to it on their long runs in the morning and testing rounds in the gym, they will already have gained a mental edge over rivals.

Fight night could end up with warmer than usual conditions and, in this case, the fighter who trained in the heat will be mentally familiar, while opponents may stress over it.

Weight Management

An obvious but very useful benefit of heat training for a boxer is the increased rate of perspiration.

Putting in a hard graft in warmer conditions will accelerate the body’s perspiration levels, particularly when training in a Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0.

Boxers can use heat training as a great way of helping to make weight.

This is important for fighters in order to maintain their weight in the lead up to an upcoming fight.

Then, when it comes to the point of having to cut some extra pounds to meet their allocated division on the scales, the accelerated weight loss takes off the pressure of making weight.

Reduces Injury Risk

Heat training can reduce overall core temperature, reduce the body’s blood lactate, increase skeletal muscle force and, therefore, make an athlete eventually train better when returning to colder temperatures.

This leads to increased blood circulation and improved flexibility, which subsequently helps reduce the risk of boxers sustaining unwanted injuries in camp.

Boxing benefits of heat training also include helping to prevent injuries.

The use of a Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0 is proven to warm the muscles up much quicker, to combat against muscle pains and any potential tightness after daily strenuous work.


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