Benefits of Boxing Knuckle Guards

Day in, day out, boxers put their hands through the rigorous strains of training. It’s therefore important to properly protect the tools which matter most.

Like with all BOXRAW products, our Knuckle Guards are designed with purpose and professional intent. From boxing keep-fitters to elite level world champions, our Knuckle Guards are used with one key focus: hand protection.

Protection is the priority when it comes to wrapping your hands for boxing - with the slightest tweak, awkward punch connection or wrong movement capable of causing serious injury to any fighter.

Our patented Knuckle Guards are individual to the left and right hand and are designed with Japanese exported high-density foam to provide enhanced protection to the inside knuckles, meaning no more damaged knuckles due to incorrect hand-wrapping or poor quality gloves.

Attach them to any 3m BOXRAW hand wraps by simply looping both ends together, then slide your fingers through their designated channels, allowing the wrap to be pulled back to compress the knuckles as desired. Then simply proceed to secure your wrist, hand and knuckles in a wrapping motion.

Professional grade protection is achieved in a fraction of the usual time it takes, while providing the same quality of comfort for every single punch you throw in the gym. 

Why To Wear Knuckle Guards In Training

Through sports science research and an understanding of the daily routines that fighters undertake once they step into the gym, Knuckle Guards have been proven as crucial equipment to have in your gym bag for every session.

Professional Grade Hand Protection

Benefits of boxing Knuckle Guards include enhanced protection for every session.

‘The Pathology of Boxing Injuries’ from the Department for Health demonstrated that hand and wrist injuries were most common and frequent for fighters, while knuckle problems also took the longest to recover from.

It’s therefore key to longevity and a sustained boxing career to wrap your hands properly to gain the best protection possible. With Japanese-exported foam cushioning every blow in training and a breathable spacer fabric, our Knuckle Guards prevent such potential risks when pushing yourself to the limit in training.

Prevents Injuries

BOXRAW Knuckle Guards can help prevent injuries to your hand.

Fighters can pick up unwanted injuries at the worst possible times without the correct protection of their hands. Hand injuries, especially any to the knuckles, force boxers out of full training and hinder immediate plans of stepping into the ring.

‘Injury Risk in Professional Boxing’ by Southern Medical Journal found that hand injuries were one of the most common among fighters alongside facial lacerations. It’s widely assumed that boxing moved from the bare-knuckle era to gloved combat in the early 1900s to lower the risk of head trauma but, in fact, it was to reduce hand injuries.

The potential frustration of having to avoid any punching workouts because of injury, whether it’s with one or both hands, can easily be avoided by the use of knuckle guards in every gym session. With a specific design for both the left and right hand, our Guards offer meticulous protection once safely secured within your hand wraps.

Training Comfort

Protect the tools which matter most for boxing: your hands.

It’s important for a fighter to feel comfortable when throwing shots in training and sparring. If there’s an issue within your glove or hand wraps, it takes focus off what’s directly in front of you.

While some fighters will opt to wear thicker or more heavily padded gloves to try and limit hand injuries, it doesn’t solve the issues at the main point of impact. Knuckles require closer attention for protection, with Hand Surgery Specialists in Texas confirming this and outlining ‘boxer’s knuckle’ (an injury of the extensor tendon hood of the metacarpal-phalangeal joint) as the most prominent injury to occur without extra safety precautions.

With designated finger channels provided on each our Knuckle Guards, this allows the wrap to be pulled back to compress the knuckles as desired. The guards are therefore locked into position to prevent any movement once hand wrapping is completed, negating any possibility of the knuckles becoming exposed and subsequently hurt.

Improves Punching Technique

The benefits of boxing Knuckle Guards make them crucial training kit.

Through the comfort of knowing protection is assured, a fighter can safely and more thoroughly throw punches without any hesitation or self-doubt. Thoughts of injuries in the lead up to a big fight are cast aside with confidence in professional protection.

Subsequently, this helps to improve technique and form. With the assurance of hand protection, punching with full force and extension can be carried out without fear of repercussions, which will translate to the fight scenario once the bell sounds under the bright lights.

Fighter Friendly

There are many benefits of boxing Knuckle Guards in training.

As well as all of the important protective elements to using knuckle guards for boxing training, time is also saved while still getting the best possible hand wrap protection.

Along with a professional grade hand wrap that mitigates any injury worries, users will spend a small fraction of the time it would usually take during the everyday process of preparing your hands for training. Making our Knuckle Guards the perfect training asset and leaving more time for the grind.

With your hands being your primal tools for both attacking and defending in boxing, maximum protection is essential. No more swollen hands or painful knuckles - just non-stop hard work.