Boxing Clothing, Apparel & Equipment

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Experience the champion's choice of Men's Boxing Clothing, Women's Boxing Clothing & Boxing Equipment, favoured by elite fighters such as Dmitry Bivol, Terrence Crawford, Gervonta 'Tank' Davis, and Alycia Baumgardner. Our collection of boxing apparel, clothing, equipment & accessories is designed for boxers who demand the best, blending cutting-edge technology with premium materials to enhance your training and elevate your presence in the ring. Discover the boxing clothing brand trusted by champions and elevate your boxing game.


Make protection as a priority with our range of boxing hand wraps, ensuring your hands are primed for whatever lies ahead with professional-grade boxing hand wraps, available in 120"" and 180"" lengths. Crucial for shielding your hands, knuckles, and wrists during training and sparring sessions, our wraps are indispensable for boxers of all skill levels and can be seamlessly paired with boxing knuckle guards for comprehensive hand support.

Boxing Sauna Suits

Introducing the BOXRAW Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0. Trusted by numerous world champions, this boxing sauna suit has been Innovated over countless hours for maximum heat retention to aid weight loss, reduce injury risk and increase muscular hypertrophy.


Explore our game-changing range of boxing punch bags, designed to elevate your training regimen. From heavy bags to speed bags, our diverse range caters to boxers of all levels. Enhance your strength, speed, and technique with our premium-quality punch bags, crafted for durability and performance. Discover the perfect punch bag to take your boxing skills to the next level.


After years of development, our line of boxing gloves, boxing headgear, and boxing shoes are just around the corner. Since the boxing glove was invented in 1773, they’ve been made the same way for hundreds of years, with little-to-no innovation. 6 years ago, we set out to change that. Today, we can finally say we’ve done it. We’ve created a glove that actually feels like a glove and an extension of your hand. A tool that protects you, enabling harder punches from smarter angles. A weapon that can pierce through the air faster than anything ever before. Couple this with our range of head gear and protection to complete our range of boxing equipment, plus our eagerly anticipated boxing shoe launch. We're not just elevating the game, we're changing the game. Forever the face of boxing.