The Best Boxing Shorts for Men

Discover our range of high-performance Boxing Shorts for Men designed to optimize your training. Featuring innovative features such as SMRT-TEC weave, that's engineered to keep you cool and dry during intense workouts. Other features on our boxing shorts include an adjustable elastic waistband that ensures a comfortable, unrestricted fit that moves seamlessly with your every move—whether pivoting, turning, or striking.

Competition Boxing Shorts

Built for the fight, our Stevenson Shorts 2.0 are our leading range of Competition Boxing Shorts. Tailored to mirror the movements of Amateur World Champions in competition, they're constructed with a custom developed lightweight SMRT-TEC fabric and laser perforated ventilation panels, the Stevenson provides freedom of motion and the ultimate cooling effect as you engage in combat.

What are boxing shorts made of?

Our high-performance Boxing Shorts are made of custom developed lightweight SMRT-TEC fabric, with laser perforated ventilation panels. Our Wilde, Pep & Tunero Collections benefit from additional comfort and protection with our 2-in-1 compression legging feature, adding additional sweat-wicking and recovery inducing properties to our leading range of Boxing Shorts.

Why are boxing shorts so big?

Boxing shorts are designed to be loose and roomy for several reasons:

  • Freedom of Movement: The oversized fit allows boxers to move freely and comfortably during fights or training sessions. Boxers need to perform various movements like punching, ducking, and pivoting, and the roomy shorts enable unrestricted motion.
  • Ventilation and Cooling: The large size of boxing shorts helps in airflow, keeping the boxer cool during intense bouts. This ventilation is crucial for maintaining comfort and preventing overheating during matches.
  • Style and Tradition: The generous cut of boxing shorts is also a nod to tradition and style in the sport. It's a recognizable aspect of boxing attire that has been maintained over the years.
    Practicality: The roomy design makes it easier to wear protective gear underneath, such as groin protectors or compression shorts, without feeling constricted.

Overall, the size and fit of boxing shorts are purposefully crafted to enhance performance, comfort, and style in the ring or during training.