For those of us who love the sport of boxing, we never miss a chance to engage in boxing talk with a fellow boxing enthusiast. Whether it’s a who would’ve beaten who debate, or discussing the proper way to throw the jab, we never miss an opportunity to showcase our knowledge of the sport we love.  

But why do we love this sport so much? What is it about this violent art that attracts so, why do we gravitate so much towards this sport? Why boxing…Why us?

In order for us to understand why we love boxing, we must first accept the fact that boxing isn’t merely a sport..it’s an all encompassing microcosm of life itself. The following eight reasons will help us explore, and understand why the sport of boxing means so much too so many.

Boxing is Biological:

Combat is almost as natural as walking to us humans. From the beginning of time we have been engaged in numerous battles, be they literal or metaphorical we are always fighting. From its inception; boxing has provided the ultimate avenue to showcase this part of human nature. Max Kellerman once said “Boxing is your favorite sport you just dont realize it” and indeed it is. If you two people are playing 1-on-1 basketball unless they are REALLY good you might look their way. Contrast this with seeing two individuals duke it out and everyone stops to watch…fighting is in our DNA and boxing taps into this part of genome better than anything.

Physical Prowess:

When it comes to conditioning & testing the physical capabilities of the human body, boxing is at the forefront. Where ever there is a boxing gym near, you can be sure that in that gym you will find world class fighters, alongside everyday people putting themselves through the rigors of boxing training. There is a reason why boxing is used as a means to improve health & wellness. Movement and physical exertion are vital components to our health, and boxing encompasses everything required for optimal physical conditioning.  

Mental Strength:

While we know boxing does wonders for physical fitness, it is the mind where it exercises one of its most profound effects. It has long been said that Boxing is more mental than physical, and time and time again this has proven true. Because of the nuances and intricacies of the sport, the mind must become a strategic force to be reckoned with. From goal setting to visualization, to problem solving and adapting, there is little that the boxing mind isn’t ready for.


Boxing bestows upon those who become well acquainted with it with the gift of the fighters spirit. The gift of the fighters spirit dictates that no matter the odds or obstacles, those who possess said spirit will persevere , learn from and eventually overcome any obstacle in their way. To know what that spirit looks like, just watch any great fighter give it his all in a fight, and you will see the spirit in full display. Watch a great trainer impart his charge with knowledge and instruction, and you will see the spirit at work. Watch any young man or woman walk into any boxing gym and see their eyes light up, and you will see the spirit take hold.

Historical Wealth:

Boxing history is so rich, so extensive that one can spend a lifetime studying and never get bored. From its ancient roots that dates back to the Sumerians, to the very first bare knuckle fight in Great Britain in 1861; we see once again that boxing is inherent to us all. With technology being what it is today, there is no better time to indulge in boxing lore. With all this the information so readily available we quickly see that boxing history Is as exciting as it is extensive.

Cultural Significance:

The history of boxing proves beyond a doubt that boxing, is not just a sporting event but a cultural phenomena that transcends race, ethnicity and nationality. From the streets of Bukom in Ghana to the vaunted gyms of Cuba’s national team . Boxing is there making its presence felt. From the old remnants of the Soviet Union, to the City of Detroit boxing is there providing hope. From the big screens of Hollywood to the many literary works of art, boxing culture has made it’s presence felt in a profound way.

The Fighters:

While boxing is comprised of many great individuals (trainers, writers etc) ultimately it’s the fighter’s who draw us all in. From John L Sullivan to Jack Dempsey..To Joe Louis & Muhammad Ali we are inspired by the trials and tribulations these men have faced in an out of the ring. The contributions of the fighters we look up to, serves the dual purpose of both inspiring us as well as tasking us with their legacy… Yes it is up to us; the boxing enthusiast to make sure that the lives & legacy of the greats stands the test of time and lives on for eternity.


Ask anyone who is has spent enough time in boxing gyms and they’ll tell you most if not all his friends are from the gym. Ask any boxing fan who encounters someone who matches or exceeds his knowledge and they quickly become friends. The bond that boxing creates amongst is its participants is akin to that of a fraternity…when you come across someone who truly loves the sport, you immediately recognize them as one of your own, they are your bother/sister in pugilism.

There are many reasons we love boxing. Certainly more than listed here, whatever your reasons are it is important you always examine them thoroughly in order to understand and appreciate this great sport. The French poet Victor Hugo writes “Those who live are those who fight” truer words have seldom been uttered.

We all have battles to wage our external and internal conflicts we must resolve. Luckily we are forged with a spirit that will never let us down. So in answer to the question why boxing..why you? The answer is simple. Boxing is fighting..and fighting is life.



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