ULTIMATE BOXXER: The Future is Bright

With growing popularity and backing support from many familiar faces such as Anthony Crolla, Ricky Hatton and Paulie Malignaggi; the tournament that is Ultimate Boxxer looks set to change the future. Ultimate Boxxer I takes place in Manchester Arena on the 27th April, a stage which many of those participating would relish to fight on. Described as being revolutionary to professional boxing, it couldn’t be more right. Eight unbeaten fighters put everything on the line to come out on top.

Currently listed to take part are Sam Evans, Louis Greene, Jimmy Cooper, Kaisee Benjamin, Andy Kremner, Ben Eland, Tom Young and Drew Brown. Welterweights from all corners of the country have an opportunity before them to raise their profile and gain experience in the prospect stage like we have never seen before. The tournament held over one night pits the fighters against each other in a similar style to the WBSS. Knockout stages till just two remain to decide the winner. If you haven’t heard of these guys by now, you will soon.

This ain’t just fighting, this is freedom; freedom to take control.

Three rounds, three minutes, three fights. That’s what these young men will have to get through to claim victory. Who will want it enough as every man will hold on to their undefeated records dearly and expected to give it 100%? Could this be the revolution we hope for which sets the boundaries for the new generation to follow suit? Giving them a tough road and challenge, giving them the hard fights from the start. Should promoters take this on board and send their fighters with confidence to seize glory and raise the profile of how the prospect stage should be done? How the future pans out is yet to be seen but more prospects taking part in something like this is entertaining, innovative and how it should be done.

No more hiding in the shadows, the lights; that’s where we belong.

It’s an understanding that when boxers turn professional their first few fights are not challenging, they’re fights to impress and build on as well as gain experience. Unbeaten records are a treasure of the modern era. That will change with tournaments like Ultimate Boxxer where we can see fighters for how good they really are.

The tournament, of course, has its possibilities to fall through; cuts, which is such a big concern and could spoil the one-night tournament. To the highest measure this can be prevented and most likely it will but there’s always that small chance which we hope won’t occur. As prospects progress through their careers fighting journeymen or low-level opposition, we rarely get to see how they perform against good competition at this stage. This tournament is anything but low-level opposition, the fighters are undefeated for a reason; they’re good at what they do. The lights on them, the difference in pressure that they’re used to; it could bring out their best but it could also bring out fighters who are still learning in a sloppy affair. Time will only tell how this tournament turns out but my god, we hope its good!

It’s time for the new wave, time for a new era, it’s time to make your moment.

What we are about to witness could be the future, the first of many. With Ultimate Boxxer taking place in April we can expect to see more this year in different weight divisions and the idea of the tournament growing in its early stages. With the support it is receiving, it is quickly reaching out and gaining the interest that it deserves. A simple idea has the opportunity to turn the new era of boxing into a great one.

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