The Tainted Meat: Canelo Tests Positive For Clenbuterol

Photo Credits: Hogan Photos

Canelo is renowned as one of the greatest fighters of this era, only losing to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Consistent performances and always a perfect carved statue-like figure. Notably, he had never tested positive for PEDs before in his career - spanning almost 13 years. The news broke out ad in mere minutes was everywhere over social media and has everyone giving their own opinion.

Clenbuterol, which Canelo tested positive for has significant effects which could give him an advantage. Firstly it allows easier breathing, increases metabolism - allowing the easier loss of fat and sets up effortless muscle gain. The drug also known as bute is a popular equine use as a type of painkiller.

Golden Boy Statement on Canelo

After the statement was released by Golden Boy, the team of Gennady Golovkin was immediately notified with the agreement that the highly anticipated rematch will go ahead and Canelo will relocate the rest of his training camp to America. The food contamination seems to be a viable explanation for Canelo’s “embarrassing situation” but suspicions will always arise when a PED is involved.

Canelo has been claimed to have been given a free pass by many as the rematch still goes ahead. His first time with his name involved with such a thing is a problem when the biggest fight of his career is about to take place. It raises eyebrows and makes people jump to conclusions that Canelo is a cheat and this is a perfect argument that PEDs aren’t taken seriously enough. Should Canelo receive a ban? Should the fight be allowed to go on? Let us know in the comments.

Should the positive test be the so-called tainted meat, it is a problem for Canelo’s team as the finest cuts aren’t being sourced. For a calibre of a fighter such as Canelo, this should be the only choice. How his career moves forward now is a concern because, at the height of his professional career, the news spreads quickly. Fans would feel deprived should the rematch be cancelled/postponed so there is a reason to keep the fight happening. Moving his camp to America and submitting to all VADA tests is the right move and it shows Canelo will do anything to keep the rematch from falling through.

WBO Middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders also had a few words to say in the only way BJS could do:

“Canelo you cheating red headed w**ker, GGG lets go champ”

Saunders is always there to entertain when you least expect it.

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