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The Destroyer is a one of a kind prospect; it seems that the frightening look in his fathers eyes has been passed down as Conor looks to take apart his prey piece by piece. There was no incredible amateur experience or gold medals for him, people wanted to see if he could bang just like his dad. His promotion and and walk into the professional ranks merely because of his name.

Conor Benn stated that he will not be happy with his career until he has surpassed his father and become a three-weight world champion. But it takes a little bit more than that… Nigel Benn was a terrific fighter and it was the fear that he struck into his opponents that made him such a joy to watch.

If Conor Benn is to truly surpass his father’s achievements, he needs to gain that image of being an exciting fighter. Not to say that he isn’t already, we’ve seen vast improvements from his debut and the break this year most certainly did him well to learn more about the trade of boxing. No one can predict the future of Conor Benn, but if we were to guess and dream it would be that he knocks out fighters just in the style of Nigel and maybe, even better.

He’s set his sights high and already has made quick and easy work of his opponents, although we must remember he is still learning and these opponents are nothing special. Currently fighting in the super-lightweight/welterweight divisions, the competition is tough and there is no doubt it will be a hard, long road for the son of the dark destroyer.

He already has that destruction of opponents just like his father, he walks into the ring, wanting to fight, ready for a scrap, a brawl and its goddamn entertaining. With four consecutive stoppages, Benn can only hope to continue stringing those knockouts this Saturday. What I could no more hope for Conor Benn is that he proves himself against the best in the near future, progress at a faster rate.

Many remember Nigel Benn for his clashes with Eubank, McClellan and Collins. They were not just terrific fights but had everything you wanted in them; titles on the line, big punchers and a hype level which was hard to believe it was actually happening. It’s this what Conor should aim for, the iconic fights that will see him go down in the history books.

There are already a fair few which talk of the fight between Conor Benn and Chris Eubank Jr, the sons of the fighters that created fireworks many years ago. It is absolutely ridiculous considering the different weight classes, levels of experience and no reason for it at all bar their names. I wish to see Conor make his own way without using the Eubank name, fight other people and make history. Let’s hope he doesn’t meet Harlem Eubank [3-0] just for the sake of it.

With his record at 9-0 [7 KOs] people will expect to see him face better opposition in the new year. The opportunity that he has is something no one wants to see wasted. He’s dedicated to improve and learn, with making a US debut in only his 10th professional bout; Conor Benn is one to enjoy the journey.

The way Conor has so far taken apart his opponents is something that should continue. Maintaining the image he has set is important, punching hard and dodging punches, even saying that, the kid can take a punch! Striking fear into his opponents reminds us of his father, whether thats intentional or accidental; if it carries on it will earn him the rightful nickname of The Destroyer.

The journey of Conor Benn continues tonight on the undercard of Jacobs vs. Arias.

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