Sometimes it can seem like a rivalry is going on for ages, with nothing happening to either form a rematch or a long awaited bout. Usually this is the case, many fighters have been waiting to face each other in the squared ring in hope that they can put on a good show for the fans, but also to solve their problems and prove who is the best.

It took what seemed like forever to see Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman test their skills against each other. How much longer must we wait to see these fights?

Amir Khan and Kell Brook

One can only hope that this fight finally happens. It seems to almost get there but something gets in the way. It’s a complete grudge match which would ultimately give the fans a fight in the making for many years now. Brook fought GGG and Khan fought Canelo in the same year. If Canelo and GGG can come to terms why can’t these two? 

Khan vs. Brook

Talks fell through earlier this year which left the much anticipated fans frustrated, annoyed and dissatisfied that the fight still hasn’t come to fruition. They sparred together in the amateurs as Amir Khan was training for the Olympics, both stating that they schooled the other. A throwback to their debate on Ringside [link to video] will show just how long we have been waiting and why it is such an anticipated fight.

Billy Joe Saunders vs Chris Eubank Jr II

Whilst there are fights that are hugely anticipated, none can compare to the long awaited rematch between these two fighters. Back in 2014, we saw Eubank taste his first defeat as a professional and since then the two have continued their rivalry. From Saunders backing every fighter facing Eubank to insults flying over Twitter, the two absolutely must settle their differences in the ring once more (at least).

Eubank vs. BJS

Photo Credits: Julian Finney

Much like Eubank Snr’s feud with Nigel Benn, it seems the pair have an absolute hate for each other. It could well be a trilogy in the making; with their fight coming to a split decision, they are evenly matched and creates a 50/50 war that many wish to see again.

Gervonta Davis vs Tevin Farmer

A load of bad blood in this one. The Americans have been involved in a series of confrontations which leaves many fans fuelled on their genuine dislike for each other. Davis has made a statement in the super featherweight division claiming the IBF crown and has already defended it in stylish fashion. Tevin Farmer looks for his title shot after winning eighteen fights in a row.  With all their drama, one can only hope it gets made for the undercard of Mayweather vs McGregor.

Davis’s team along with Mayweather have made it clear however; that they want Farmer to win a title shot first which would make an exceptional unification fight. We might be waiting a little bit longer to see this one but my god, what an explosive build up and fight it will be.

George Groves vs James DeGale II

The two Brits haven’t seen each other in the ring since their British title clash way back in 2011. They both went on to secure world championships but fans are still eager to see them face off together in what would currently be a unification bout. They seem calm towards each other recently but if the contract gets signed, you can bet old tempers flair again.

Groves vs. Degale

Photo Credits: Sky Sports

They originally fought in the amateurs coming from the same club (Dale Youth ABC), which sparked their first fight in the paid ranks. Technically this ideal fight would complete a trilogy, although I’m sure we’d all love to see them create fireworks more than once more.

Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito III

Their first fight filled with controversy. Magarito was caught with illegal hand wrappings and after looking back at his stoppage victory, the fight suddenly got much more interesting. Magarito claimed that he did not know his wraps contained sulphur and calcium, together with oxygen it formed a type of plaster.


Photo Credits: Getty Images

The two would meet again three years later to settle the difference. A grudge match and a rematch which saw the two argue just before during Face Off. Cotto came more prepared and got his revenge, showing aggression and pure power until the fight was stopped in his favour.

Magarito retired after that fight. He returned to the ring in 2016, stating he wants Cotto again.

Whyte vs Chisora II

What. A. Fight. The promotion, trash talking and genuine hype all paid off for when they fought in December. Whyte winning by a very close decision and some saying that Chisora won; makes it almost impossible to not form a rematch.

Whyte vs. Chisora

Photo Credits: Sky Sports

The two heavyweight giants had fights that both fell through this year and it was expected by the British boxing fans that the rematch was coming close. Unfortunately, the fight didn’t happen and it is slowly slipping away from people’s minds. Whyte hunts for a big fight and will make his pro debut in the states, but boxing fans everywhere hope the pair meets again to decide once and for all; who is the better boxer.

Haye vs Bellew II 

Haye’s achilles snapped in the 6th round, despite that he fought on for five more rounds, giving it everything he had. There were immediate calls for a rematch. Both men are hunting for world titles in the exciting heavyweight division, but… Maybe just one more? Let them fight for a mandatory position, Haye is back in training with a new coach and this is a trilogy in the making.

David Haye vs. Tony Bellew

Photo Credits: Reuters

Bellew has stated clearly that the fight will come on his terms. There are no clear signs that the two will fight again this year, although the two teams are apparently in talks. With the build up of the first fight and the embracement at the end, this makes another terrific fight where age, injury and heart all comes into question.

Charlo Twins and Demetrius Andrade

Sadly, we haven’t seen anymore news on Jermall fighting WBA champ Andrade, with 1/2 of the Charlo brothers now moving up to middleweight. It looked for a moment that Andrade would finally fight one of the twins after a fight with Jermell fell through in 2014. The post fight press conference of Jermall’s last fight included Andrade humbly calling him out and before more could be said, the mic was taken away. 

The other twin; Jermell holds the WBC super welterweight championship, considering he was meant to face Andrade for the WBO title three years ago… Why not create a unification bout and settle their differences in the squared ring.

Which fight would you look forward to most? Let us know in the comments! 

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