Shadowboxing For The Mind

As part of our ongoing #Shadowboxraw campaign, we’re challenging you to undertake Shadowboxing as part of your lifestyle. 

The Practice of Shadowboxing

Shadowboxing is a method of ‘moving’ meditation that helps develop awareness and mindfulness anywhere, at any time. Whilst most well known amongst boxers, its application reaches far beyond the ring as a daily ritual that is beneficial for every individual, across all walks of life.

Shadowboxing is defined as the action of making a show of tackling a problem or opponent while avoiding any direct engagement; the activity of sparring with an imaginary opponent as a form of training.

At a very high level the physical components are consistent of a combination of:

Slips: Head movement from side to side as a defensive tactic of avoiding punches.

Punches: Boxing’s most important aspect; throwing shots with both arms in purposeful motions.

Footwork: The first line of defence; using lateral movement to move away from danger or into attacking distance.

Pairing the physical mechanics with the mental approach of ‘fighting oneself’ to synchronise both body and mind. 

Breaking Down the Mental Benefits

While Shadowboxing is widely regarded as a physical method of training and preparation, it is proven to provide psychological benefits, including “alleviating the mind of hostility, depression and psychosis.”

Tune into Awareness

Shadowboxing is relevant now more than ever, being a practically valuable tool to help one break negative patterns of thought during truly testing times. In a busy, constantly-moving culture, use these moments to your advantage.

Gain Perspective

Through you flowing in the present, it forces past and future fears to retreat, breaking negative patterns of thought. 

It’s simply you, focusing on yourself, tune out the noise of all outside distractions. 

Seek a Solution 

Focus on your form and breathing, feeling the punches as you let them flow in a synchronised motion with your feet. Pay attention to how you feel, it’s an opportunity to think about and perfect every movement you make.

Achieve Clarity 

Use it to focus within yourself and quiet your mind; becoming mindful of the moment and your surrounding environment. 

Shadowbox For Meditation

Make Shadowboxing part of your lifestyle.

Shadowbox for a minimum of 20 minutes per day, as a daily ritual to build awareness and mindfulness, while improving your mental wellbeing. 

Task 1: Shadowboxing For The Mind

Wake up early

Slap on your favourite beats 

Shadowbox for 5 x 3 minute rounds

1 minute of any exercise in between

Once per day

20 minutes straight with no breaks