Navigating the media feeding frenzy: A raft of clarity in shark infested waters

The gifts of seamless internet connectivity and social media have gently manoeuvred (and now catapulted) the information we receive and share on boxing and fitness into choppy seas.


While no one would begrudge the internet experts from sharing their detailed thoughts on every detail of the Matchroom stable with anyone foolish enough to befriend them on Instagram we need to be honest. Things are out of control.


All of the views, reviews, interviews, podcasts, opinions and trash-talk we are confronted with whenever we require an update on the latest fight news or some training tips are overwhelming us like spiteful hooks to the temple from Gennady Golovkin. As consumers we are ready to throw in the towel.


A ray of hope guiding us to shore comes in the form of A website uniquely structured offering boxing news, analysis and educational features in a manner that is easy to consume. Educational features? Yes, education. Too often overlooked in relation to its importance for the fighter, fitness fanatic or fan. A key theme of much of this website’s content informs on the physical conditioning, technical learning and psychological preparation associated with boxing and boxing training nurturing a holistic understanding of the ultimate sport.

Does this question the relevance of large media outlets or offer opposition to the numerous youtubers and boxing podcasts? No


Is this a swipe at the casual fan who has a more barbaric interest in boxing or a look of disdain at the hardcore with an eloquently biased opinion of their favourite fighter? Of course not. 


This is a platform that marries all of these channels and caters for all content requirements in a structure that is easily consumable heralding a revolution in media around the sweet science.


“Once I am in the square circle, I am home.” Floyd Mayweather Jr



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