Lockdown Boxing

The ongoing global pandemic has made it a testing time for everyone and with the necessary lockdown and travel restrictions; particularly for those on their own or battling on in a confined space. Gyms are still in most countries closed. Physical and mental issues can arise as a result of such limits and boundaries. 

But there’s no better sport than boxing to help combat this, because boxing is training for life. 

Mind: Moment-by-moment awareness of your thoughts, emotions and surrounding environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting bags, pads, or shadow boxing - boxing makes you mindful. 

Body: The intensive nature of the sport provides a total body workout that burns more calories in a shorter amount of time than any other traditional workout. 

Soul: Empowering in its nature, boxing teaches you to stay relaxed under pressure and keep your confidence when you need it most. Shifting a mindset of limitations, to one of potential.

And you can box from the space you stand; anywhere. 

Boxing has the power to transform lives and it requires only your bare hands and the willingness to begin. Which is why, now, more than ever; is the time to begin boxing. 

With the limitations of lockdown still lingering over. Fighters all over the world have been innovating their training with the space and tools at their disposable. With or without some basic equipment it’s a case of going back to very old-school methods when training and coming up with unique ideas to bolster the experience. 


A skipping rope is as basic but as vintage as it gets and works out every part of your body for boxing. A distant look back in the sport’s history and you’ll find every top champion from Jack Dempsey to Sugar Ray Robinson and beyond utilised the rope as a core part of their fight preparations.  



Roll out hand wraps or some string and hang as a line, to set up a great drill for practising head movement and certain shots, from different positions.



Train precision and timing by drilling jabs while catching a tennis ball.



Innovate boxing equipment for bag, pad and speed practise with everyday items.



Footwork is an essential part of any boxer’s arsenal. A ladder isn’t even needed, these beneficial movements can be undertaken anywhere.

There are battles going on every day during these turbulent times. Everyone has their own adversaries. So keep going, wherever you are.