How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing

Before a punch can be thrown in training, your hands must be wrapped properly.

This is an essential aspect of boxing training. Wrapping your hands correctly provides protection and allows punches to be thrown with full force without any risk of injury; whether it’s on pads, bags or in sparring.

If not carried out as it should be, there’s a chance of hurting the wrist, hand or knuckles. Having a solidly wrapped hand gives the confidence to freely throw shots throughout any session, allowing you to focus on your training goals.

But this all starts with a basic hand wrap. Here’s how to wrap your hands for boxing.

Step 1

Unfasten the thumb loop from your BOXRAW hand wraps and place it around your thumb.

Step 2

Pull the hand wrap across the back of your hand away from your thumb and wrap around your wrist. You begin by going across the back of your hand so that when you make a fist the wrap tightens to make it more secure.

Step 3

Wrap around your wrist four times.

Step 4

Bring your wrap up over the top of your hand and wrap around your knuckles three times. For even more protection to prevent training damage, add our Knuckle Guards to your hand wraps as well.

Step 5

Bring your wraps back down under your hand back to your wrist then loop it around your thumb once to keep it secure.

Step 6 

Bring the wrap back around your knuckles then down from your thumb to your wrist and finish by wrapping the remaining wraps around your wrist.

Step 7

Fasten the velcro on your wrap to complete the process and start punching.

Always make sure your hand wraps are nicely secure but not so tight that you feel pain when making a fist.

Hand wrapping and maintaining protection is one of the foundations of boxing, your hands are your main assets. So protect the tools which matter most by hand wrapping effectively.



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