He Came, He Saw and He Conquered. That Was all Andre Ward Wanted.

From realising his dreams and becoming a master of the sweet science, the record and history of Andre Ward would show how he belongs in the top P4P rankings. 

The breaking news of Andre Ward retiring from the sport of boxing was a bit of shock to myself and many others. The talks seemed to be there to take Andre Ward into legendary status - fights in the cruiserweight or even heavyweight divisions, if he was successful (like the 32 other times) no one could argue that he was pound for pound, the best boxer on this planet.

That extra step was what boxing fans craved for. It created so many questions about the limits of this one man. Nicknamed the ‘Son of God’, he appeared to be of a different calibre to his opponents.

Ward has had critics over the years saying his style is not exciting, its not entertaining; when at the end of the day and at the end of his career - he was victorious. Andre Ward, I’d like to say he has achieved more than many could hope for, beating Sergey Kovalev twice was apparently the final achievement he needed.

There was more I believe that Ward could have accomplished. His achievements over the years and having not tasted defeat since he was thirteen years old… That alone is something boxers can only dream of.

With his original goal of winning the Olympics to being a World champion, he set out on that path from a young age and had nothing but success. There is more that he could do for sure, boxing is always about testing your limits. How much is enough? His body can no longer keep up with the requirement of the sport, which is saddening to hear, but also, I see a lot of respect in it.

Andre Ward won’t fight and won’t compete in the sport if he can’t perform how he would like to. That is something that I really respect his retirement decision for. Whilst boxers have long running careers and seem to struggle to let go of the sport, sometimes because of money, Andre Ward completed his plan and that was all he wanted.

The brilliant plan of Andre Ward was to win, win and win some more. Once he felt he had accomplished what he set out to do, then he could hang the gloves up. It is usually our case as fans of the sport that we ask too much of boxers. To go the extra mile and to fight certain people or move up in weight etc. We can always criticise but when it comes to Andre Ward, what can we possibly say?

He beat some of the best, carved his name in stone on the sport of boxing and now he can happily look back on his achievements.

Fair play to him, his style didn’t excite everyone, but his achievements are one hell of a feat.

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