Haye’s Humble Promises: Bellew vs. Haye 2 Press Conference

Photo Credits: Action Images/Reuters

Westminster featured the press conference of the much anticipated domestic dust up between Tony Bellew and David Haye. Since the 4th March, their names have only been mentioned together, no other options - it had to be the rematch.

Former two weight world champion David Haye had ruptured his achilles in the first fight as we all know. It damaged his performance but with the favourite prediction of Haye winning in the first few rounds, expectations were shown to be changed once again in this great sport. Former cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew was harshly criticised for only beating Haye “on one leg” but at the end of the day; the fight carried on and resulted in Haye’s corner throwing in the towel, potentially saving him from future harm.

Heart, grit and determination was all featured in the first fight, is this a repeat?

The original date of 17th December was postponed leaving many fans agitated and let down. There is a light at the end of the tunnel with the rematch 10 weeks away on the 5th May. Fully healed and already appearing much lighter, Haye has mentioned he is on the end path of his career and potentially the last year he will be a professional. It was again mentioned in the press conference after Tony Bellew desperately tries to get under his skin which seemed to have worked the first time.

“You are finished. I promise you that.”

Bellew taunts Haye and steps in wherever he can to take digs at his victim, whilst all the talk comes from Bellew’s mouth the only thing coming out of David’s is humble words and acceptance. “You’ve humbled me” Haye replied to Bellew’s digs, a much calmer Haye than we have seen and possibly the work with trainers when accepting he is getting older, taking more on guard and making sure he goes out with a bang. Bellew of course has other plans “All good things have to come to an end”.

“If I watch it back and its not who I want to be, I’ll be happy with just my revenge.”

Haye is set with a clear mind and accepts his defeat to Bellew with adding “he was the better man on the night”. No excuses or arguments from Haye, he appears calm and humble which completely flips what he was like in the build up to the first fight. Is this a better approach? Only time will tell but its certainly a different way to go about a fight which is cemented on the two expressing extreme hate for each other.

Haye seemed to be the talk of the press conference as we don’t expect to see him like this. No attempt to insult Bellew, taking back things he had said. Is it all part of a mind game as taunts, aggression and threats did not seem to work?

“I’ve studied him since a kid”

Bellew could not be more prepared and the blessing of the postponed rematch allowed him to focus on personal life. He will enter the fight 100% as was mentioned in the presser, he has prepared for Haye his whole life, from watching him in the amateurs to sparring him, eventually he knew their paths would cross. He’s confident as hell, doesn’t hold back and appears the cockier out of the two. “I don’t tire. He does” Bellew announced to the public although this may be true in his mind, the attention stays on Haye who doesn’t batter an eyelid. He was honest, real and it gives us the impression that he takes Bellew much more seriously.

May 5th, the rematch is on. The long intense stare between the two shows just how great this fight can be, who wins? Let us know down below.

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