$17k Gym Overhaul Competition Winner...

Following thousands of entries into our giveaway for a gym overhaul worth $17k, we have randomly selected one successful participant as the competition winner. 

Congratulations on winning the BOXRAW giveaway...

Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club in London


Mark, Head Coach at Fitzroy Lodge, was delighted with the confirmation of his gym’s competition win.

"We're really happy we've won, this will really change the gym for the better and help the kids who come here to train every day,” said Mark. 

“We're overwhelmed by winning such a great prize and it will positivley change the gym and give hope to the youth here.” 

BOXRAW CEO and Founder, Ben Amanna, was keen to provide an opportunity for any gym globally to secure a huge boost in their facilities through winning the competition. 

This was the thought process behind running the first-ever giveaway of its sort at the company, in a bid to change lives and simply give back. 

“I wanted to do this giveaway to give back to the boxing community,” stated Ben. 

“At 12 years old, my local club (Red Corner Boxing Gym in Coventry) took me in and provided me a safe-haven and second home – without charging me a penny. 

“No doubt had I not been given this opportunity; life could have turned out very different. 

“Boxing is the least funded sport in the UK (and possibly globally) and these gyms are so important to local communities and the youth. 

“Securing the future of a gym and making sure kids have the correct tools and facilities is the reason we do this and it’s something we’ll look to expand upon each year.” 

A massive congratulations to Fitzroy Lodge again for winning the competition and thanks to everyone in the BOXRAW community who took time out to enter. 

We look forward to getting involved with everyone again to provide another similar opportunity in 2024. LFG!