Five Benefits of Boxing in Compression

Compression wear has long been used by fighters during training, from the very early days of the sport to more modern times.

While older generation champions such as Willie Pep, Sandy Saddler and many others were regularly seen training in camp wearing a form of compression, new advanced technologies have seen it become even more popular today.

Athletic training gear has become more important than ever; being an essential aspect of boxing. With that in mind, BOXRAW outline five overall benefits of training in compression gear.

Offers Training Support

<a href='/collections/saddler' target='_blank'>The Saddler Compression range</a> provides support during training.

Due to the tighter fitting, compression gear offers boxers much-needed support during strenuous training sessions. Looser clothing offer little to no support, making you more prone to picking up injuries.

Designed to provide constant support throughout training, specially crafted wear such as the Saddler Compression range give your full body enough comfort to ensure fluid motions and flexibility aren’t affected.

Aids With Recovery

Recovery is achieved through wearing <a href='/collections/saddler' target='_blank'>Saddler Compression gear</a> in the gym.

Wearing compression gear is an effective method of dealing with muscle soreness or fatigue that comes from tough training.

So, boxing in specially engineered gear such as the Pep Shorts, doesn’t only reduce soreness during training but afterwards as well. Therefore, recovery is helped and you are capable of performing better for an extended period of time.

Keeps You Dry

Stay comfortable and dry throughout training by using compression gear such as <a href='/collections/saddler' target='_blank'>the Saddler Compression range.</a>

A simple but hugely important benefit of compression wear is its ability to keep you dry during gym sessions. Training wear, such as the Saddler Compression range and our SMRT-TEC technology, are made mainly from polyester or nylon materials which help you dry a lot faster while sweating.

These don’t repel water, instead wicking sweat to the surface to be evaporated, and subsequently keeping you dry to provide comfort while working out.

Provides Comfort

<a href='/collections/pep-shorts' target='_blank'>The Pep Shorts</a> ensure comfort during a hard session; a crucial aspect of training.

On top of keeping you dry, compression gear offers the utmost comfort during training through its specific fitting and overall pressure on the body.

As boxers move around in the gym, standard gym wear can ride up on the skin and cause discomfort at the worst possible time; affecting performance as a result. Compression gear makes training more comfortable, and therefore enjoyable, as it sits tightly on the skin and causes less friction.

Enhances Overall Performance

Enhance your performance with the use of <a href='/collections/saddler' target='_blank'>Saddler Compression</a> and <a href='/collections/smrt-tec' target='_blank'>SMRT-TEC technology</a> during your training.

As compression gear works to reduce muscle fatigue and helps aid with recovery, this leads to the ability of putting in more work over sustained periods of time. It also promotes strong blood circulation, helping apply more oxygen to your muscles, and assisting in eliminating lactic acid build-up.

Therefore, overall performance will be enhanced, as your body is able to cope with the strains of rigorous regular training. Compression gear has become immensely popular today due to the benefits it provides in training, with boxers able to avoid injuries, recover faster and push themselves to do more while wearing it.