Delightful Brutality: Eubank Jr vs Yildirim

Photo Credits: Sebastian Heger

Neutral ground of Berlin, Germany will host the next WBSS bout on Saturday between Chris Eubank Jr and Avni Yildirim. Eubank is a top draw from boxing and trying to prove himself as a better fighter than his father. 

“Growing up as Chris Eubank’s son, I wanted people to speak to me for me not because of my second name”.

The WBSS continues with these two top contenders and we can expect a war with no stepping back. Chris Eubank selected Avni Yildirim back in August which came as a shock to us as the Turk is known for chipping opponent’s teeth and earning his nickname ‘The Dentist’.

Eubank Snr vs Yildirim

Photo Credits: Mark Hermenau

“It is my time Chris, good luck to your son”.

Yildirim is chilling, there’s something unnerving about him, it’s like he was bred to kill. I’m not going to lie, Yildirim looks and sounds like the bully you’d cry at night over. Boxing is usually compared to chess because of smart and quick thinking, this fight is more likely going to be like battleships.

Who lands the better shots in the correct areas? Who wears down and runs out of ideas? Hitting the target with power, the brutal mentality of the sport. The storm is coming and we’re in for one hell of a treat.

The press conference alone was a spectacle to watch. Yildirim’s manager seems to be a come forward fighter himself; as he got up from his seat and marched over to a member of Team Eubank. If there’s one thing I know about the boxing community; it’s that we can all laugh at a bloke in eye of the public saying “I fuck your wife in your bed”.

Yildirim Manager

Photo Credits: Associated Press

The press conference was chaotic and the ships have started to sink. Eubank is incredibly composed and batted off all heated attempts from his opposition to stir things. I don’t expect anything will get to him in these last few days but it feels like Yildirim will certainly try again.

“Avni Yildirim is really like Rambo”.

On paper, Chris Eubank Jr is the better fighter and the bookies favourite. His last performance was a complete domination against Arthur Abraham, a veteran of the sport. Yildirim certainly shouldn’t be overlooked, there may be a chink in each other’s armour. It all depends on how each fighter deals with the other’s power.

Let the bombs reign down on the ships.

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