BOXRAW Knuckle Guards: Available Now

BOXRAW’s professional boxing knuckle guards redefine the process of wrapping your hands; protecting the tools which matter most. The new elite launch is available now.

"The unique design stops the guard from physically going too far back from the knuckles, instead staying in perfect position to offer the best protection possible. So your knuckles are always protected," said Ben Amanna, CEO and Founder of BOXRAW.

"Fighters are going to save a lot of time. Along with the beneficial added protection. These can be used with any hand wrap at all and are just as good as any professional hand wrap. Simple as that."

Meticulous Development

BOXRAW Knuckle Guards are available now.

The newly-released knuckle guards have been in innovative development for over a year-and-a-half, with meticulous detail going into every aspect of the process as standard.

A long overview of the market shows BOXRAW’s latest release stands out from the rest in terms of protection and comfort for users, through a game-changing design and ultimate hand safety.

Unique Design

BOXRAW Knuckle Guards are crafted with a unique design for protection.Fingers are placed through the comfortable finger holes before pulling the originally-crafted guard back over the knuckles.

Using the uniquely-designed hook to tighten and begin the protection process, users can attach any hand wrap at all through the loop.

Perfect Protection

No more sore hands with the BOXRAW Knuckle Guards.Market research showed that many boxers experienced issues with other knuckle guards and pads sliding back once wraps or gloves are worn, risking serious hand injuries being sustained.

But BOXRAW’s protective design helps avoid that danger, mitigating those problems and instead staying in perfect position to offer the best protection possible.

Professional Quality

Top of the range quality from the BOXRAW Knuckle Guards prevents hand injuries.Crafted specifically for each hand, the knuckle guards provide thorough protection and more preference to the first three knuckles during impact on both the left and right.

Featuring top of the range foam padding sourced from Japan, each knuckle guard is of the highest quality to help protect users throughout every training session.

Fighter Friendly

BOXRAW Knuckle Guards are the perfect training protection for fighters.What has been extensively developed is a knuckle guard that mitigates frequent problems fighters have and essentially provides a professional grade hand wrap.

Users will also spend a small fraction of the time it would usually take during the everyday process of wrapping up, making it the perfect training asset.