Boxing Defeating Domestic Violence

Boxing is a way of life, it has the ability to empower communities throughout the world.

Through boxing, BOXRAW have been working with professional and amateur coach Kamille Manalo in a battle to overcome domestic violence and provide support with an event run in Santa Monica.

The Event

On December 18th, 2021, coach Coach Kam led an ‘Intro to Boxing’ class hosted by Fightr Boxing Club in Santa Monica, USA, for a community of fighters who are defeating domestic violence with the support of The Jenesse Center.

The class welcomed women and men from all walks of life and gave them the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of boxing - using this as a tool for empowerment and self-defence.

Jenesse tirelessly works locally, nationally and globally to shine a much-needed light on violence against women, girls, men and boys.

The boxing class was attended by a group of brave domestic violence survivors who were taught the valuable mechanics and disciplines of the sport by Coach Kam, bringing them closer together as a community through their shared experiences.

Boxing: A Tool For Self-Defence

Boxing is a tool for connecting people with their inner power. As a means for self-defence, building the basic fundamentals can help transform lives within communities.

Bringing those who have been involved in similar situations together, boxing also offers support through new bonds and developing close relationships.

Promoting everyone’s opportunity to thrive and live safely within their own environment, boxing can become a pathway to more prosperous circumstances regardless of past traumas or backgrounds.

About Coach Kam

Using her own platform to help those in need and empower the community, Coach Kam has been successful in promoting the fight against domestic abuse and continues to inspire others with her admirable work.

Working relentlessly each day, she aspires to inspire others by being present to make a difference and using her own experiences to positively turn lives around.

Coach Kam previously endured an abusive relationship of her own and turned to boxing as a way of empowering herself as a woman. From then, she decided that her goal was to change the facade that women can’t be in the sport of boxing.

Speaking after the event, Coach Kam proudly stated:

"I was given a chance by Jenesse Center with the support of BOXRAW to teach a group of amazing, strong women who are all domestic violence survivors, the sport of boxing and how it truly saved me as a person. To all the women who attended class, you are absolutely beautiful inside and out. Continue to have courage and continue to have faith."

The Jenesse Center Inc.

Offering over forty years of life-saving services, The Jenesse Center Inc. is a nationally recognised non-profit domestic violence prevention and intervention organisation.

The organisation advocates the basic human right for all people to have peace in their own homes and within their relationships.

It is the oldest domestic violence intervention program in South Los Angeles, providing victims and families with support.

Jenesse has a resolute mission: to restore and provide trauma informed, culturally responsive, holistic, comprehensive services to survivors and families impacted by domestic and sexual violence and to advance prevention modalities to sustain healthy and safe communities free of violence.

To learn more about the incredible work of Jenesse and how to get involved visit:

Jenesse Center Inc. emergency hotline, 24/7 confidential help: 8004797328