From Team GB to WBO world champion, Billy Joe Saunders made his presence clear in the middleweight division. He represents himself as a truthful, honest guy with a boxing IQ at master level. Beating the opposition left, right and centre, his record still unscratched without a single loss.

There is more than what meets the eye about Billy Joe Saunders, his change of coaches, his different perspective on being an athlete, trash-talking, his background; it all makes him an exciting character to have in boxing.

The trash-talking for a start is the BJS we all know. Whether its over social media, at a press conference or in a latest interview he always has something to say about another boxer. Is that good or bad? Well it gets responses so yes it is good! His profession at the end of the day is sports entertainment. He puts on a show, hyping up fights to get people interested. Just a look at the build up between him and khurtsidze (before the fight was cancelled) will show how much this guy can talk to get more people talking about a fight and making headlines.

Billy Joe Saunders Khurtside

Photo Credits: News Group Newspapers Ltd

His great-grandfather, a famous bare-knuckle boxer who went by the name of Abslom Beeney shows that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The tradition goes on. Growing up in a travelling community, he’s different to most boxers. He has that natural fighting ability. What you see of Billy outside the gym is a guy enjoying his life, not restricting himself to training every single day like most athletes normally would. It is perhaps that, which makes Saunders so original and attracting.

It could be the way he’s always done it; seeing it at as a job and the time off is simply a holiday, to relax. It’s a nice mentality to have and you really can’t blame him. Do athletes always have to be in their best shape possible if they don’t need to? BJS gets a lot of stick about this… but he always turns out as a winner. That record of his is no mistake, he sees it as a job or a task at hand, which he always completed.

This year we’ve seen him make some changes in his team from first dropping his long time trainer Jimmy Tibbs to working with Adam Booth until ultimately finding his sweet spot at the Ingle gym. Training alongside the likes of Kell Brook and Kid Galahad. Dominic Ingle hosts a great team to prepare Billy for his second defence against Willie Monroe Jr on the 16th September. A team that would get him into shape, a dietician, a house next to the gym; its safe to say the future looks bright for BJS. With ditching his old lifestyle and getting him into shape, the best way Ingle knows is the right path he’ll be taking.

Billy Joe Saunders and Ingle

After Saunder’s last performance against Artur Akavov which himself described as a “dead performance” in the post-fight interview, he will be looking to impress and show everyone that he’s serious.

For him to be the Superb Saunders that we know, he needs to get active which is his current mission. The biggest fights are there for him; whether that be the winner of Canelo-Golovkin or a rematch with Eubank Jr.

The path that BJS has taken to get where he is today is straightforward; an outstanding amateur, Team GB and beating numerous undefeated fighters gained a reputation. Eubank Jr, Spike O’Sullivan, Ryder to name a few of the boxer’s 0s he has taken. There will be more to come… His slick movement and agility will see him through the exciting middleweight division there currently is.

BJS movement against Eubank

Photo Credits: Julian Finney

What you see with Billy is what you get, a down to earth, ready for any challenge fighter. It is perhaps his boxing ability that adds so much to his character. Appearing to the public eye as someone who can fight and someone who can box are two very different things. BJS does them both.

Once he enters the ring, his southpaw stance takes control and his footwork outshines his opponent. He hits from different angles, avoids punches and moves around the ring comfortably. There’s not much time left till his next opponent falls victim to the traps BJS sets. With Ingle and the rest of the strong team behind him, this may just be the best of Billy Joe Saunders we have seen so far.

Billy is a valued member of the BOXRAW family, and we look forward to the journey ahead WITH him. Happy Birthday Billy Joe. 

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