A Path Not Walked Alone...

We believe boxing is a sport of loneliness. Photo’s always depict a fighter alone in the ring, sharing it only with an opponent and referee.

Spotlights bear down, highlighting the fighters and blocking out the crowd, making it feel like the canvas is lit up in the darkness of space.

When we see them train, these warriors are seen running the streets alone, seemingly in the wake of an apocalypse as no one else populates the streets.

Nothing could be further than the truth. Boxing is full of life. Family, friends and fans breathe life into a world of darkness.

They surround these warriors in a protective shell, keeping the outside world at bay so they can focus on the task ahead.

Family the closest, worrying and caring as part of them goes through hell to come out a victor in a never ending battle.

Friends are the pillars, when all the planning and work goes wrong, they are the first ones there to lend support and give strength.

Fans, the lions, roaring as their warrior goes into battle. Cheering their support from the locked out darkness in the stands.

From the outside boxing looks dark and lonely, but from the inside it is never a path walked alone.

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