Jason Scalzo

Jason is dedicated to rebuilding and improving the lives of the children of Liberia who have had their worlds torn apart by Civil War. A former medical device sales rep who left the corporate hustle behind to pursue a career in philanthropy full time. He is a life long student of boxing and knows better than anyone the positive impact boxing will have on one's life. The Butterfly Affect Boxing program is his brain child.

Freddy Kiwitt

Liberian born professional boxer based in London UK. Freddy Kiwitt escaped with his mother and father at the height of the violence in Liberia. Freddy is an ambassador for The Boxing Is Love Foundation and a key player in the Butterfly Affect Boxing project. Freddy jumped at the chance to help share his passion for boxing and positively influence the lives of the children in Liberia. He is a talisman for what hard work, perseverance and a lot of love can accomplish when we - The Human Family come together!

Lee Manuel Ossie

Born in Monrovia, Liberia former heavyweight boxer, known in the ring as 'The Destroyer' Lee's family was decimated by the violence of war. Lee somehow fled the horror to Europe where he turned his back on his homeland, attempted to forget his past and started a new life. After his boxing career had finished Lee opened a boxing gym in Spain, however after a few chance encounters Lee was connected to Freddy Kiwitt, another Liberian and struggling pro boxer in need of help in and out of the ring. As fate would have it, Lee's relationship to Freddy also led to his involvement with the Butterfly Affect Boxing program. Now Lee is returning to Liberia for the first time since war engulfed his country to write new chapter in his and his country's story.